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Caroline - Level 3

Hi there,

My name is Caroline, I am a Principal Stylist in the salon.

I have been in hairdressing for many years now and still enjoy it immensely.

My name is Caroline and I work in the salon as a Principal Stylist.

I have been in the hairdressing industry for over 40 years and I have worked for Changes for over 15 Years.

We have a great team of people, who I feel privileged to work with.

 I love my job more than ever and enjoy all aspects of hairdressing particularly colouring. We have regular in-house training and attend lots of courses and seminars, which keeps our hairdressing fresh and current.

I live locally with my husband, daughter and 3 cats. In my spare time I like to visit the gym and socialize with friends and family.


I’m a principal Stylist in the salon. I still enjoy hairdressing immensely.

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